We love building things

Kanako is a creative interaction bureau located in the center of Copenhagen. We make cool things with technology; and love mixing physical and digital interactions for learning, gamification, nudging or fun.
Write to us@kanako.dk or call +45 61 62 75 01 if you want to talk.

Newest project:

See what people shared (Client: Metro. Film shot by Patchwork)

Interactive experiences

Most of our projects involve a physical dimension and we build museum installations and physical games, as well as visual attractions for exhibitions and advertisement. We are continuously working on projects for clients, and some of our own. For example Hupsi Galupsi and Skammekrogen.


We primarily work with Unity, Open Frameworks and .NET, but have a solid background in Android and iOS as well. For the physical part we tinker with Arduino, mBed, RFID, touchscreens, various sensors, and computer vision. We also play with new technology such as the Oculus Rift, EyeTribe, and LEAP motion.

Workshops and community

Everyone on the team is quite involved in the local developer community and help organize events such as Nordic Game Jam and various other community events. We also spend a fair deal of time at our favourite makerspace Labitat.
As Kanako we also do a bit of teaching, run workshops, hackathons and prototyping events for game developers, film makers, and artists. One of them is Exile Jam.